Jim Jonez is a rapper born and raised in Sweden, where he still lives. He started his musical venture in 2006 as a 14 year old, up untill 2012 he was mainly making music in his native tongue: Swedish. He eventually wanted to expand his lyrical abilities and started working with the English language. He has since almost only made songs in English focusing on a more international reach. 
In his late teens he was mainly a battle rapper, both in hosted battles and personal beefs and disses. As his English venture started he switched his lyrical style from disses and punchlines to a more horrorcore approach. 
Jim Jonez adopted the alter ego of said cult leader "Jim Jones" and takes a more humoristic and satirical approach. He sees his lyrics as dark and morbid but also focus a lot on humor and shock factor. 
He has had a lot of different artists as inspiration to help him form his own style mixed between the rappers he likes best. His main inspiration comes from artists and groups such as: Army Of The Pharaohs, Dope D.O.D, La Coka Nostra, Redman, R.A The Rugged Man and King Gordy.



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