Jim Jonez is a rapper born and raised in Sweden, where he still lives. He started his musical venture in 2006 as a 14 year old, up untill 2012 he was mainly making music in his native tongue: Swedish. 
He eventually wanted to expand his lyrical abilities and started working with the English language. He has since almost only made songs in English focusing on a more... (CONTINUED HERE)
Novelty Rapps has a true 90's West Coast, laid-back storytelling foundation and mixes in his Blues influence, with an occasional way outside the box approach. He also includes his various instrument playing skills for background beats...  (continued here)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Erippa is a no fux given alter ego created in 2009 to represent oregon and the pacific northwest..Erippa is best known for saying things most people don't even think about,things from  murder to mischievous endeavors (dark lyrics).
 Erippa has worked with many respected artists in the northwest area such as Cameron Couch (Novelty Rapps), Nic Fury... (continued here)
LiMiT is a Southern Minnesota based Hip-Hop Artist. His style varies as does his music, hitting a multitude of different hip hop styles and sounds. He was influenced by many artists but the most notable are, Tupac Shakur, Biggie, 50 Cent and Eminem. 
At the age of 12 LiMiT began his venture towards lyrical domination. Doing remixes and free... (continued here)​​​​​​​
Just X Slicce is the newest member of the Morbid Clique, with a knack fro spoken word Horrorcore, he is destined to become Underground King...duck.

If you like it...tell a friend, if not, Tell an enemy...I have a heart-on for songwriting.  
This Northwest bred emcee-father-husband-entrepreneur may very well be the current reigning "busiest man" on the scene.  Couch is signed to Blue Nose Music/Fahrenheit Records and has released music albums from every angle of the music industry; from rock to blues to jazz instrumentals, hip hop is not the only lane he drives in. He has even gone as far as recording an album entirely on his iPhone.
There is no LiMiT to the amount of Lumber this duo be Jonezing to Jax, off or on the mic, shredding is the ultimate climax.  To add, this duo has yet to climax the infamous Clique their sex-ed teacher warned them about, so joining Morbid was indeed half the battle.
So come join Jim in some escapades.
Lumberjax...Morbid's other group.

When David Duchovny, saw Scully nude, he was exiled from "THE" island.  To which island was spoken of...the mystery remains, but we are sure it TOO is misspealed.
Come on back next week and tune in for Morbid's other group.


Levi West, sits on his favorite porch and recites ill rhymes.  With an occasional sunglasses wearing persona, Mr. West can seduce one-single-eye of the female homosapien specie...similar to Clark Kent to Lois.  However...again, Levi can only seduce one eye.  The other eye has been reported to be disgusted and the yang to the hosts pootie.
One of the original Morbid Clique artists, no one knows where he resides.  But rumor has it that some poor soul, is repeatedly directed from Mr. West's corrupt la bouche to "put the lotion, on the skin" while Levi rests.

Levi has taken a step back from recording and is currently testing the waters on...ahem...reaching himself, if you catch my drift!


Charlie Lucky is a no nonsense muthafucker who started back in the early 90’s during the hey day of the gangsta rap genre. Originally from the antelope valley, Charlie then moved to Northridge CA where his music career began taking off. In 2001 he was almost signed to Kid Frost’s label Hit a Lick records but the deal never went thru. A few years later, Death Row records showed some interest in Charlie as well but the company went out of businesses and the deal never materialized. 
Charlie’s style is wicked and raw. His influences are NWA, ice T, twista, bone thugz, and tec 9. Charlie Lucky is known for saying things that he really shouldn’t say and he’s not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to lyrical freedom. He pretty much says whatever he wants and doesn’t care who he offends. 
In the past he’s been compared to Twizted insane and his stage presence is top notch. In 2007 he opened up for RBX in Long Beach as well as rapper Daz Dillinger. In 2019 Charlie released his debut album In Need Of Luck as well as a follow up album Legends & Killers. Both albums were released independently. Charlie Lucky has a very unique and versatile sound. He can speed it up or slow it down depending on the track. 
We feel that Charlie will be a great addition to the roster and we look forward to watching him grow as an artist. When it comes to him and his music, the sky’s the limit.
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